In 2006 at the Butan region (North-West Bulgaria) the first 3-D land seismic prospecting was carried out in Bulgaria. During the past 15-20 years in this perspective area of oil and gas accumulations, 2D seismic, well logging and other types of geophysical explorations, were performed. As a result of all exploration activity industrial gas field was discovered. In the period 1989 – 2005 several wells were drilled, but due to the complicated abyssal geological structure of the area, assessed as a block structure, the full geological concept of this area remained not clear. This, as well as the necessity of outlining the known field was the main reason detailed 3-D seismic survey to be performed in this area. The present paper focuses on the special features of the acquisition technique, procceesing and the interpretation of the seismic data. At the end an attempt of drawing conclusions on the results of the 3-D exploration is made.


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