It was noticed in 2002 that there had been uncountrolled flooding of chemicals that settled in metal barrels which were set in a wild depony and due to corrosion damages in time the chemicals started leaking, which endangered teh underground and had the proportion of an accident. As the factory ’’Zdravlje’’ is situated next to the old source for watersupplying of Leskovac, and the depony about 500 m from the nearest wells, so the quality of the underground waters at the old source was endangered. The examination of water in two wells was carried out immediately by the Town’s Centre for Health protection Belgrade and the presence of any organic polutants from the deponed organic material was not founded. As it is not know how the leakage had been going on, the ecology inspection carried out necessary protection measures. One of the measures is a constant control of the quality of the underground water at the location of the factory ’’Zdravlje’’, and due to this five piasometers were found in this area, and whose water was controlled four times in 2004, and in 2005 and 2006 the examination was carried out every month.


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