In order to understand Lithosphere dynamics, we have to start from its career – Asthenosphere, presuming that, on the basis of eddy currents, peripheral spheres are moving with lower velocity then central ones, which means that asthenosphere, moving from the West to the East direction, carries and pulls retarding Lithosphere. In the case that Lithosphere is thin, there are no uproars, but when lithosphere becomes thick, it stops astenosphere, causing cracks, separations and moving the eastern parts of lithosphere away, first of all – continents. It is noticeable at the map of Africa, where a series of volcanoes traces fracture along which the eastern part of the continent is dividing from much greater western part, and Madagascar has been already separated from the continent, carrying it faster to the East. Large peninsulas and islands, beginning from Kamtchatka, over Japan and Phillippines islands, to New Zealand, are proof for the eastward Mantle flow as universal phenomenon.


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