B032 Z-99 ERT and GPR survey for the detection of tunnels in the park of Aegaleo (Athens) Abstract 1 TSOKAS 1 G. TSOURLOS 1 P. VARGEMEZIS 1 G. SOTIROPOULOS 2 P AND PSARINOPOULOS 3 N 1 Laboratory of Exploration Geophysics Aristotle’s Univ. of Thessaloniki 54124 Thessaloniki Greece 2 Terramentor Sarantaporou 8 15342 Agia Paraskevi Greece 3 Municipality of Aegaleo Iera Odos 364 12243 Aegaleo Greece A tunnel system exists under the park of Aegaleo in Athens. Because fears were expressed that some parts of the park may collapse action was undertaken to find the old tunnels and map them if


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