B047 IMAGING SEAWATER INTRUSION IN COASTAL AQUIFERS WITH ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY TOMOGRAPHY: INITIAL RESULTS FROM THE LOWER ANDARAX DELTA SE SPAIN Introduction 1 O. KURAS 1 P. I. MELDRUM 1 R. D. OGILVY 1 J. GISBERT 2 S. JORRETO 2 F. SÁNCHEZ MARTOS 2 1 British Geological Survey Electrical Tomography Programme Keyworth Nottingham NG12 5GG United Kingdom 2 Department of Hydrogeology University of Almería Spain The Lower Andarax river basin in the Andalucía region of southeast Spain is an alluvial valley of about 250 km 2 situated in one of the most arid regions in Europe. Its infrequent and irregular precipitation


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