B048 Characterization of unconsolidated coastal aquifers with Magnetic Resonance and Electrical Soundings Abstract 1 VOUILLAMOZ J.M. 1 2 CHATENOUX B. 2 MATHIEU F. 3 BALTASSAT J.M. 3 LEGCHENKO A. 1 1 IRD LTHE BP53 38041 Grenoble Cedex9 [email protected] 2 Action contre la Faim 4 rue Niepce 75014 Paris. 3 BRGM BP 6009 45060 Orléans Cedex France Summary Unconsolidated coastal aquifers can be characterized using surface geophysical methods. In presence of salty water use of electrical resistivity methods makes the reservoir identification difficult. It was demonstrated by field example that electromagnetic (EM) or direct current (DC) methods and Magnetic Resonance Soundings


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