P005 GEOELECTRICAL MONITORING OF THE BIOREMEDIATION OF HYDROCARBONS CONTAMINATED SOILS Abstract Bogdan Zogala Ryszard Dubiel Waclaw M. Zuberek Krystian Wzientek Monika Rusin-Zogala University of Silesia Faculty of Earth Sciences 60 Bedzinska Str. 41-200 Sosnowiec Poland The paper presents the results of geoelectrical monitoring of the bioremediation of hydrocarbons contaminated soils. Yeast strain Yarrowia lipolytica A-101 suspension was introduced into one of hydrocarbons contaminated zones situated in fuel base of the former military firing ground Borne Sulinowo. The process of bioremediation was controlled using cyclical electromagnetic and resistivity imaging measurements. The increase in soil electrical conductivity and decrease in electrical resistivity


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