P012 SENSIBILITY ANALYSIS OF ELECTRICAL IMAGING METHOD FOR MAPPING AQUIFER VULNERABILITY TO POLLUTANTS 1 ALBERT CASAS 1 MAHJOUB HIMI 1 AND JOSEFINA C. TAPIAS 2 1) Departament de Geoquímica Petrologia i Prospecció Geològica. Facultat de Geologia. Universitat de Barcelona. c/. Martí i Franquès s/n. 08028-Barcelona. ([email protected]) 2) Departament de Productes Naturals Biologia Vegetal i Edafologia. Facultat de Farmàcia. Universitat de Barcelona. Avda. Joan XXIII s/n. 08028-Barcelona. ([email protected] Abstract Groundwater is becoming more and more a strategic resource and for this reason there is an increasing demand for vulnerability maps which illustrate the exposure of aquifers against pollution. These maps are


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