P033 APPLICATION OF ELECTRICAL RESISTIVITY TOMOGRAPHY ON GLACIERS AND ROCK- GLACIERS IN THE WESTERN ALPS M.Marchisio 1 A. Bianchi 3 X. Bodin 4 P. Ciuffi 3 L. D’Onofrio 1 D. Fabre 5 M. Pappalardo 2 A. Ribolini 2 S. Sartini 3 P. Schoneich 6 1 SUMMARY In order to investigate the nature of buried ice/permafrost lenses in the proglacial area on western Alps glaciers (Italy and France) high resolution geoelectrical tomographies were carried out in several sites both located in the north facing slope of the main alpine ridge. The glacial and periglacial landforms occurring in mountain environments can be


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