For a matured oil field like Bahrain Field with a long<br>production history, it is required to identify underperforming<br>areas, infill wells and upgrade the reserves.<br>This paper describes the application of a practical process (1)<br>to develop systematic workflow for production optimization<br>and reservoir analysis; (2) Identify and highlight reservoir<br>trends, patterns and anomalies; (3) Identify and highlight the<br>under performing wells/areas and recommend solutions, and<br>(4) Identify essential patterns for consideration in overall<br>development plan. It is required to quickly adopt assessment<br>methods for such a mature field. The area used for the study<br>consists of 431 wells in Mauddud reservoir which is one of the<br>major producing zones. The challenge was to evaluate large<br>data sets in a short time and cost-effective manner.


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