The US Onshore Wamsutter Field Development Team executed two seismic fi eld trials in 2006: a borehole seismic fi eld trial and a cableless<br>surface seismic fi eld trial. The borehole seismic fi eld trial consists of a 4-well crosswell tomography program, and acquisition of a<br>massive 3D VSP with 8000 ft of 3C receiver tool deployed in the wellbore and 6000 surface vibroseis source points. The surface seismic<br>fi eld trial is the world’s fi rst deployment of the FireFly cableless seismic acquisition system, with 8300 3C digital sensors deployed,<br>and 7200 explosive source points. These fi eld trials were designed to increase seismic resolution, improve imaging and identifi cation<br>of higher porosity zones, and increase fault and fracture detection, with the ultimate goal of optimizing fi eld performance. The data<br>that was previously available for interpretation had a dominant frequency of 25 Hz, which allowed us to image reservoir thicknesses<br>of greater than 50 feet. The producing reservoirs have much lower average thicknesses, which have been targeted with the new higher<br>resolution crosswell, 3D VSP and dense surface seismic data.


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