This paper describes research efforts and technology<br>development associated with the next generation of high<br>pressure, high temperature (HPHT) well designs. Sometimes<br>referred to as x-HPHT (extreme HPHT), work has been<br>ongoing for several years looking at the next generation of<br>HPHT wells for both subsea and shelf/onshore operations. A<br>large number of challenges arise when addressing the<br>engineering of HPHT wells. This paper will not attempt to<br>cover all such topics but will focus on some critical<br>technology areas which underlie key well design and planning<br>issues. In depth discussions are specifically provided on<br>advanced material testing and qualification, heavy load<br>handling, and high temperature electronics. BP is at the<br>forefront of many of these technologies and is working with<br>industry partners to advance capabilities and assurance in<br>these areas.


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