The 1 billion stock tank bbls Schoonebeek oilfield produced<br>250 million bbls medium gravity waxy oil in the period 1943-<br>1996 from a 20 meter thick sandstone reservoir using nearly<br>600 vertical wells. In part of the field primary recovery was<br>characterised by early water breakthrough caused by a strong<br>aquifer. In another part of the field limited aquifer support in<br>combination with low GOR led to rapid pressure decline and a<br>subsequent requirement for voidage replacement. Small-scale<br>EOR projects were carried out from 1960 to 1996: hot water<br>flooding; wellbore heating; in-situ combustion; high and low<br>pressure steam drives and soaks. In 1996 exploitation was no<br>longer economic, after which all wells were abandoned and<br>most surface infrastructure was removed.


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