A-007 COMPARISON OF KINEMATIC AND PRESERVED AMPLITUDE PSDM FOR AVO ANALYSIS. L. LENAIN 1 R. M. BAINA 2 P. THIERRY 3 V. DEVAUX 4 and H. CALANDRA 4 1 TotalFinaElf now at University of DELAWARE NEWARK USA 2 Ipedex detached to École des Mines de Paris 3 École des Mines de Paris 35 rue Saint Honoré F- 77 305 Fontainebleau 4 TotalFinaElf av. Larribau F-64018 Pau Summary. In AVO inversion after prestack depth migration the question of amplitude preservation remains open. It is often tackled by correcting for amplitude decay in the traces at the pre-processing stage followed by “kinematic”


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