F-10 FROM SEISMIC FACIES INTERPRETATION TO THE 3D SEDIMENTOLOGICAL MODEL BAUDROIE FIELD GABON – A CASE STUDY 1 A.KALNA F.TEMPLE C.DUMAY T.LECOQ and R.BOTTON-DUMAY TOTALFINAELF Exploration-Production Avenue Larribau 64000 Pau France Summary The Baudroie oil field discovered in 1969 by Elf in offshore Gabon has been re-evaluated in 1997 in order to assess the remaining reserves and the potential for drilling additional production wells. A 2 months seismic stratigraphic study allowed mapping on 3D seismic data sedimentary features that had not been interpreted before and breaking down the Batanga reservoir system into 5 units made of amalgamated turbiditic channels. A


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