F-21 TIME-LAPSE AVO INVERSION IN THE NELSON FIELD L. HANSEN 1 D. DAVIES 2 3 J. GARNHAM 4 A. MCINALLY 4 AND J. BOYD-GORST 5 This abstract represents the views of Odegaard STS and Enterprise only. 1 1 Odegaard A/S 2 Odegaard UK 3 Seismic-To-Simulation Ltd 12 Greenwell Road East Tullos Aberdeen AB12 3AX UK 4 Enterprise UK 5 Enterprise Brazil Introduction This paper presents a method of lithology and porefill prediction based on time-lapse studies of 3D AVO-inverted seismic applied to the monitoring of fluid movements and reservoir characterization in the Nelson field. The data vintages are 1990 (baseline)


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