IOR-10 FOAM ASSISTED WAG A SUMMARY OF FIELD EXPERIENCE AT THE SNORRE FIELD Abstract 1 A. SKAUGE 1 L. RASMUSSEN 2 T. BLAKER 2 H. CELIUS 3 H.A. MARTINSEN 3 I. SVORSTØL 2 and M.G. AARRA 1 1 Norsk Hydro ASA 5020 Bergen Norway 2 Norsk Hydro ASA Norway 3 SEPRO Trondheim Norway The Foam Assisted WAG (FAWAG) is a large-scale demonstration of foam for gas mobility control. Foam has been applied at the Snorre field several times first as a production well treatment thereafter in a large scale gas mobility control process. The WAG process on Snorre is limited


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