L-06 SUB-SEISMIC SCALE HETEROGENEITY IN SAND-RICH SUBMARINE FANS – APPLICATION OF THE ‘MULTI-SYSTEM’ APPROACH WITHIN THE GREATER BRAE AREA (UKCS) RICHARD HINEY 1 AND ANDREW HURST 2 1 1 PGS Data Processing PGS House Mayfield Road Walton-on-Thames Surrey KT12 5PL UK 2 Abderdeen University The Brae trend located approximately 145 miles (233 km) north-east of Aberdeen on the western edge of the Fladden Ground Spur is dominated by submarine fan sequences deposited against a background sedimentation of hemi-pelagic clay and low density turbidites. Producing intervals range from Jurassic conglomeratic units to Eocene channel sands. Rationale Using extensive well data and


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