M-27 NEW MULTICOMPONENT INDUCTION TOOL FOR EVALUATION OF ELECTRICALLY ANISOTROPIC THINLY LAMINATED FORMATIONS O.N. FANINI 1 B. KRIEGSHÄUSER 1 R. A. MOLLISON 1 J. H. SCHÖN 2 and L. YU 1 Abstract 1 The new multicomponent induction logging tool (3DEX TM ) surveys the formation in three dimensions with mutually orthogonal multicomponent transmitter-receiver induction coil arrays (Fig. 1) providing the necessary measurements to compute both horizontal and vertical resistivities (i.e. Rh and Rv) for vertical deviated and horizontal wells (Kriegshauser et al. 2000). These resistivities are needed for improved delineation and evaluation of low resistivity low contrast pay zones frequently


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