M-32 THE USE OF VSP AND MODELLING TECHNIQUES IN THE DEFINITION OF SALT STRUCTURES AND PRE-SALT LITHOLOGIES: EXAMPLES FROM THE NORTH CASPIAN BASIN KAZAKHSTAN Abstract 1 A.R. VERDEL 1 C.T.A.M. LEO 2 K. VAN OJIK 2 W. ZEMPOLICH 2 and T. TER BURG 3 1 Shell Technology Exploration and Production Volmerlaan 8 P.O. Box 60 2280 AB Rijswijk The Netherlands 2 Offshore Kazakhstan International Operating Co. (OKIOC) 3 Schlumberger Petroleum Services C.V. Drilling for sub-salt Paleozoic carbonate reservoirs in the North Caspian Sea offshore Kazakhstan presents numerous subsurface and surface challenges. The goal of such drilling is to safely penetrate


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