N-24 ELASTIC PROPERTIES OF CAMBRIAN SILICICLASTIC ROCKS FROM THE BALTIC BASIN • A. SHOGENOVA 1 S. SLIAUPA 2 A. JÕELEHT 3 V. RASTENIENE 2 K. KIRSIMÄE 3 L. BITJUKOVA 1 1 L. LASHKOVA 3 A. ZABELE 4 A. FREIMANIS 5 P. HOTH 6 and E. HUENGES 7 1 Institute of Geology at TTU 7 Estonia Ave. 10143 Tallinn Estonia 1 2 Institute of Geology Lithuania 3 Institute of Geology TU Estonia 4 University of Latvia 5 Latvian Development Agency 6 BGR 7 Geoforschungs Zentrum Summary Longitudinal and transversal velocities of Cambrian siliciclastic rocks from the Baltic basin were measured in


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