O-09 THE EFFECT OF FAULTS ON THE 3-D CONNECTIVITY OF COAL MEASURE SANDSTONES – THE EAST PENNINE COALFIELD U.K W. R. BAILEY 1 T. MANZOCCHI 1 J. J. WALSH 1 J. STRAND 1 P. A. R. NELL 3 K. KEOGH 2 D. HODGETTS 2 S. FLINT 2 and J. RIPPON 4 1 Fault Analysis Group Department of Geology University College Dublin Ireland 2 Stratigraphy Group Department of Earth Sciences University of Liverpool 3 Badley Earth Sciences 4 International Mining Consultants Summary 1 The connectivity of sand bodies has been tested in a deterministic high resolution 3-D geocellular model (15 million


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