O-10 ESTIMATION OF FRACTURE ORIENTATION OFFSHORE ABU DHABI 1 GRAHAM ROBERTS 1 RICHARD WOMBELL 1 DAVID GRAY 2 ALI AL-SHAMSI 3 OMAR SUWAINA 3 GHIATH AJLANI 3 ATEF EBED 3 and M. AL-KAABI 3 1 Veritas DGC Limited Manor Royal Estate Crawley West Sussex RH10 2QR UK 2 Veritas DGC Inc 3 ADNOC Summary A 3D OBC survey was acquired over an offshore Field in Abu Dhabi Middle East during 2000. The acquisition geometry of the survey provides data that is well sampled with respect to azimuth and offset range. Sensitivity analysis indicated that the data is suitable for azimuthal


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