P-12 SWD TOMOGRAPHY BY RADIAL STAGGERED . GRIDS AT A GEOTHERMAL WELL . Abstract F. ACCAINO 1 F. BATINI 2 P. CORUBOLO 1 L. PETRONIO 1 G. ROSSI 1 and A. VESNAVER 1 1 OGS Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/c 34010 Trieste Italy 2 ERGA – Gruppo Enel Via A. Pisano 120 56122 Pisa Italy Drill-bit Seismic-While-Drilling is the only possible seismic survey for geothermal wells at extreme pressure and temperature conditions. As for oil and gas production the knowledge of the rock lithology around the well is a key for the exploitation planning and 3D tomography is a valuable tool


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