P148 STROBE-M – MULTI-FUNCTION SYSTEM FOR IMPULSE ELECTRIC PROSPECTING Abstract 1 V.A.TARASOV L.I.BYTENSKY V.YU.CHERNYSH and S.N.SHERESHEVSKY VIRG-Rudgeofizika Laboratory of Impulse Electric Prospecting Fayansovaya st. 20 193019 St-Petersburg Russia VIRG-Rudgeofizika developed multi-functional system for impulse electro prospecting STROBE-M. System consists of instrumentation (transmitter receiver borehole probe) field procedures and software (for real-time signal processing and for interpretation). STROBE-M can be used for time domain electro-magnetics (TDEM) time domain induced polarization (TDIP) direct current resistivity and spontaneous polarization (SP) techniques. The system may be employed for ore exploration groundwater exploration and environmental studies structural geology investigation. The STROBE-M receiver (Fig. 1) is


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