P 162 REMOVING LOVE WAVES AND THEIR SCATTERING IN THE SHALLOW SUBSURFACE L.F. VAN ZANEN 1 G.G. DRIJKONINGEN 1 J.BROUWER 2 C.P.A. WAPENAAR 1 and J.T. FOKKEMA 1 1 Section of Applied Geophysics and Petrophysics Department of Applied Earth Sciences Delft University of Technology Mijnbouwstraat 120 2628 RX Delft The Netherlands 2 OYO Centre of Applied Geosciences B.V. Archimedesbaan 16 3439 ME Nieuwegein The Netherlands Introduction SH-waves (Shear Horizontal) are often assumed to be decoupled from the other wave types (P- (Pressure) and SV- (Shear Vertical) waves) in elastic media. In air or gas filled media P-waves are often severely


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