P213 REGIONAL GRAVITY ANALYSIS OF THE SIRT BASIN ON-OFFSHORE N. CENTRAL LIBYA 1. Introduction and exploration history 1 A.M. ABADI 1 P.M. VAN DIJK 1 R. STEPHENSON 2 and S. CLOETINGH 2 1 Geological Survey Division International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) Hengelosestraat 99 7500 AA Enschede The Netherlands. 2 Faculteit der Aardwetenschappen Vrije Universiteit Recoverable reserves in approximately 320 fields in Libya's Sirt Ghadamis Murzuq and Sabratah Basins exceed 52 billion barrels oil and 40 trillion cubic feet gas. The great majority of these reserves are located in the Sirt Basin. Approximately 80 percent of the


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