P510 BASIN MODELLING OF THE GULF OF GABES- TUNISIA - STRUTURAL EVOLUTION AND HYDROCARBON POTENTIAL 1 Z. DEY M. SAIDI A. BOUHLEL H. INOUBLI and H. BEN KILANI ENTREPRISE TUNISIENNE D’ACTIVITES PETROLIERES Exploration Studies Department 27 Bis Av. K. Pacha 1002 Le Belvedere Tunis Tunisia The studied area located in the Pelagian platform covers the whole Tunisian part of the Gabes-Tripoli Basin. It is bordered to the south by the NE-SW Jeffara fault to the west by the N-S Axis and to the north by the "Mahdia-Isis" Paleohigh. The Triassic-Pleistocene lithostratigraphic column encountered in the Gabes Basin consists of a


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