P527 KARACHAGANAK FIELD – PHASE BEHAVIOR OF OIL-GAS-CONDENSATE SYSTEM 1 LEONID ANISSIMOV 1 and GENNADY BYLINKIN 2 1 VolgogradNIPImorneft Lenin Av. 96 400005 Volgograd Russia 2 NV NIIGG Karachaganak Field is located on the northern margin of the basin and was discovered in 1979. The main hydrocarbon accumulation is in Upper Paleozoic carbonate formations of reef origin. The productive reservoir is 16*29 km in size and 1700 m in height. The top of the reservoir has been found at 3526 mss the gas-oil contact at 4950 mss and oil-water contact at 5150 mss. The great volume of reservoir the complex


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