P582 PLEISTOCENE TO PLIOCENE TURBIDITE SYSTEMS IN THE GULF OF MEXICO VIOSCA KNOLL AREA – RELATIONS BETWEEN TECTONIC DEFORMATION ARCHITECTURAL EVOLUTION AND SEDIMENTATION FROM THE SHELF TO THE BASIN M. PUIG 1 2 M. DALL’ASTA 2 A. ORTIN 3 and J. VITTORI 2 Abstract 1 1 Faculty of Geology University of Barcelona C/ Marti i Franquès s/n 08028 Barcelona Spain 2 TOTALFINAELF Exploration 3 ENSPM (IFP) Sediment deposition in the Gulf of Mexico is controlled by tectonic activities (salt activity) climatic conditions (glaciation-deglaciation denudation) and long-term sea-level variations. During the Pleistocene the Mississippi delta was the main sediment source to


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