P584 THE TURBIDITIC SYSTEMS OF THE OLIGO- MIOCENE NUMIDIAN FLYSCH – A NEW EXPLORATION TARGET IN NORTHERN TUNISIA C. EL MAHERSSI M. SAIDI and L. FOURATI ENTREPRISE TUNISIENNE D’ACTIVITES PETROLIERES Exploration Studies Department 27 Bis Av. K. Pacha 1002 Le Belvedere Tunis Tunisia 1 In Northern Tunisia the maghrebian orogen is characterized by stacked up allochtonous and parautochtonous units or nappes verging toward the external zones and displaying various cretaceous-tertiary sedimentary siliciclastic and carbonate sequences. The numidian flysh corresponds to the highest structural unit of the maghrebian orogen (Fig-1-) displaced from NW to SE during Late Serravalian to Early Tortonian


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