In order to expand Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) into a substantial share within the current Dutch sustainable energy policy, it is necessary to boost the yearly growth of ATES systems from the current 10% to 30% in the next decade. To support this challenge, TNO and Deltares are developing the ThermoGIS web portal, an information and knowledge system for ATES systems. The web portal will provide various stakeholders of ATES, such as policy makers, spatial planners, project developers and city councils with regional-scale information on the potential of ATES in their area of interest. The information system is based on hydrogeological information of the Dutch subsurface that is translated into feasible thermal energy storage capacity of the aquifers. ThermoGIS directly shows whether design storage-system dimensions can be met. The web portal allows overlaying these conditions with other subsurface and geographical information, necessary for assessing limiting factors and risks, such as groundwater quality conditions, locations of groundwater protection zones and contaminated areas. Furthermore, it will also accommodate assessment of various legal criteria for ATES. Hence, the portal system seamlessly meets the requirements of a national ‘traffic light system’ for ATES as was recently recommended by the governmental ATES Task Force, aiming to diminish regulation and optimize technical implementation of ATES.


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