The oil and gas upstream industries operate on its strength of its natural resources, its infrastructure, processing<br>facility and technology, human resources and the most important energy products market demands. If one of the<br>factors fluctuates, it affects the industry operations, planning and production. By nature everything is not gifted there<br>are strengths and weakness, resources without capital, knowledge without management, will to do but lack of<br>technology, strength in execution but with no quality no core know how, success with no sustainability, vision with no<br>decision making, and so on so forth. To be a successful venture it is important to make use of best available<br>resources and meet rest of shortcoming by best possible practical approaches. Every one could be a master in his<br>own domain expert but to be a master of all in a particular capital venture one need to understand all available data<br>collectively as teams and groups by analyzing, sharing experience, know how and knowledge.


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