Suspended solid (SS) particles in the produced water of X2M ASP flooding project were separated by membrane filtration<br>and identified to consist mainly of alkali earth metal carbonates and silica precipitates. A compound formulation of<br>chelatants was developed to stabilize the water phase of ASP flooding produced fluid and prevent or reduce precipitation of<br>both alkali earth metal carbonates and silica. The compound chelatant was put into a limited field trial in the surface<br>production system of X2M ASP flooding project to evaluate its effects on the quality of treated produced water. The<br>averages SS content of treated ASP flooding produced water was decreased to below the 20ppm SS specification limit for reinjection<br>by a dosage of chelatant at 480ppm or above. Scale removal performance of the compound chelatant was also<br>observed during the field trial.


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