In October 2008, BP awarded a large 3D Seismic Survey in Blocks 230 and 231, Algeria, to Global Geophysical Services. The objective of the survey was to acquire 2560 Sq Km of high fold seismic (495 at 4km offset) in 8 months using a technique called ISS which had never been previously deployed full scale in Algeria. A further requirement of the survey was that the recorded seismic data would be fast track processed in the field, up to and including post-stack time migration and delivered periodically to the interpreter’s workstation in a reduced time frame to enable a strategic drilling program. This paper describes the ISS technique and its implementation in Algeria where data acquisition was completed in October 2009 after just 8 months of recording operations at productivity rates some ten times greater than those previously achieved in Algeria , with a fully processed data volume delivered within 30 days of last shot point. The paper demonstrates that BP’s ISS seismic method is a viable and commercially feasible technique which enabled a large, high quality, very high fold seismic survey to be acquired in difficult terrain, and fast-tracked data delivered for Well Planning


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