The current, predominant trend of leading instrument provider companies (e.g., ION, Sercel, and OYO) has been to remove the heavy bulk of extensive cabling in acquisition systems by using a wireless node for each channel. These one channel per recording node based wireless acquisition systems have great flexibility and are an ideal fit for medium-sized surveys. However, the latest trend of the major oil companies is to use dense spatial sampling surveys in the 100,000+ channel range. The subsequent increased number of batteries and data downloads can create a logistic nightmare and make it very difficult to use systems with one channel per recording node in these ultra-large surveys. Seismic Instruments, Inc.’s hybrid cable-less data-acquisition system enables the use of 1-96 channels per autonomous recording node. Using multiple of these nodes ultra large 100,000+ channel number data acquisition systems can be formed with very simple and easy logistics. This system technology drastically reduces the number of batteries and data download tasks, simplifying survey logistics even with a channel count greater than 100,000.


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