The paper introduced entropy as the information function for quantitatively evaluating the offset and azimuth uniformity of each bin and the whole geometry. It is uniform offset and azimuth rather than high-density sampling to be caught more attention while imaging the object events, especially in the complicated structure areas. The bigger the information functions is, the more uniform the offset and azimuth. Otherwise, under the same maximum values of the information function, which is determined absolutely by the numbers of the offset sections and the azimuth bins from the method of the paper, the geometry with the smallest sampling density and field costs is the optimum. Consequently, the information function can not only quantitatively evaluate the offset and azimuth uniformity but also the ratio about the acquired data quality with the field costs. It will be a promising quantitative tool for the seismic acquisition geometry as long as the correlation between the seismic imaging quality with the offset and azimuth uniformity in the near future.


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