The assessment of exploratory opportunity has a fundamental importance in the upstream oil industry due to a high number of projects and the limited budget of the companies. The valuation of each project depends on the estimation of oil quantities from a given field which accuracy changes with the ability of measure the reservoir size. In the last decades, the technological progress positioned seismic data as a significant source of information for opportunities. Therefore, it is necessary that the technology used to get information should be incorporated at assessment process. This paper presents a methodology by using an indicator of seismic information which its value gives a degree of confidence of the technological seismic option used. This methodology also develops an option to estimate the value of imperfect seismic information for new surveys through the inclusion of the amount of data, its quality, the embedded geological model, the adequacy and performance of the technology used and others characteristics inherent of basin such as its signal-to-noise ratio that can influence the quality of the data. The main goal of this methodology is to support the assessment and ranking of exploratory opportunities giving valuable information to the decision process in a consistent and standard form. A case study presented shows that the indicator presents good performance by adjusting the opportunities, considering the most reliable outcomes and improving the decision-making process.


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