The carried through gama-ray espectrometric survey in a portion of the archaeological place of the Village of Paricatuba, located in the municipal district of Iranduba (AM), in the form of four profiles of 50m and distance equal itself of 2m, with 51 points each, disclosed significant to radiometric anomalies in the related largenesses the total counting and in the specters of the U, Th and K. The answers most intense had been observed in the canal of thorium, with intensities of up to 15 C.P.M., followed of the canal of the uranian one, with up to 9 C.P.M., while that the radiometric totals had normally revealed inferior the 6 C.P.M. e the canal of the potassium showed values of up to 170 p.p.m. Such anomalies can be associates with local concentrations of organic substance, as well as the presence of ceramic devices.


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