A27 PROCESSING “DEEP WATER” 3D OBC SEISMIC DATA AT THE HEIDRUN FIELD 1 C. HARTLINE 1 D. WHITMORE 2 AND S. CHIU 2 1 currently ConocoPhillips P.O. Box 220 N-4098 Tanager Norway Summary In June 2003 the Heidrun Field partners completed acquisition of a 3D4C seismic survey in an attempt to provide better resolution of the field’s complex northern flank. The final PZ Kirchhoff pre-stack time migration was determined to be of lower quality than the 1986 3D streamer survey (reprocessed in 2001). The ConocoPhillips Subsurface Imaging and Prediction Group in Houston was requested by ConocoPhillips Norway to complete a


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