A28 IMPROVED SIHIL IMAGE FROM 4C FULL AZIMUTH NODE DATA 1 MARCO VÁZQUEZ GARCIA¹ FRANCISCO MAYA² CARLOS FEDERICO RUIZ TORRES² EIVIND W. BERG³ CLAUDE VUILLERMOZ³ & ATLE FYHN³ ¹Pemex CNPS Villahermosa ²Pemex Exploración y Producción Región Marina Noreste Ciudad del Carmen Mexico ³SeaBed Geophysical Trondheim Norway Summary A large 4C OBS seismic program was acquired for Pemex over the Cantarell field offshore Mexico to improve the structural definition of the deeper Sihil field underlying the giant Akal field. The acquisition was made using autonomous receivers planted with accurate positioning on a regular grid in the seabed. The data is acquired


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