Shaw Environmental Inc., (Shaw), is conducting digital geophysical mapping (DGM) at the<br>Former Conway Bombing and Gunnery Range (Conway), Myrtle Beach, SC, using an array of 2 EM61-<br>MKIIs integrated with a Leica Robotic Total Station (RTS) navigation system towed behind a John<br>Deere Gator. The site is over 900 acres of Carolina Forest vegetation ranging from rows of trees to<br>densely wooded areas with interspersed wetlands. The performance objective is to locate all detectable<br>unexploded ordnance (UXO) items (including 50 mm) to a depth of 4 feet below the surface. This<br>project is the first high-volume munitions of concern (MEC) survey conducted under these challenging<br>site conditions using high-tech methodologies.<br>Given the size of this effort, high-productivity acquisition of high-fidelity data is key to this<br>project. The survey results show that this deployment is able to detect and characterize 50 mm (and<br>larger) UXO and UXO-like items with accurate target location in the wooded areas where global<br>positioning systems (GPS) are in-operable.<br>This case study discusses the challenges of high-productivity deployment systems in wooded<br>conditions. Additionally, it demonstrates that aggressive data collection using stable deployment<br>systems results in both superior quality and cost effective DGM projects.


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