A geological site investigation including a comprehensive geophysical program confirmed the suitability<br>of the studied crystalline bedrock sites for the safe disposal of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel.<br>According to a legal decision endorsed by the Parliament in 2001, the final repository of Finnish spent<br>nuclear fuel shall be located at the Olkiluoto site in Eurajoki, western Finland. The next phase of the site<br>investigations includes the construction of underground premises for rock characterization purposes. The<br>excavation of these galleries began in 2004. Since these premises are scheduled to form a part of the<br>final repository, these investigations are subject to regulatory control with safety, security, safeguards<br>and societal aspects. The national geophysical site characterization and monitoring program planned for<br>the long-term safety assessment shall also be applied to other repository performance related matters.<br>The construction documentation and the adjoining geophysical monitoring program are applied to<br>safeguard the repository for homeland security purposes. The regulatory use of geophysical methods<br>creates new challenges to the geophysical community.


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