B-16 ANISOTROPIC RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION (LAMINATED SANDS) USING ORTHOGONAL RESISTIVITY NMR AND FORMATION TEST DATA J. SCHOEN¹ D. GEORGI² and O. FANINI² ¹Joanneum Research Roseggerstrasse 17 8700 Leoben Austria ²Baker Hughes Abstract 1 Thinly bedded laminated reservoirs exhibit “macroscopic anisotropy” of physical properties including electrical conductivity and permeability. Macroscopic anisotropy occurs in thinly layered sedimentary formations where geologic processes deposit sediments in layers much thinner than logging tools can resolve. Generally there are two types of layering: - Laminated shaly sands. The sediments consist of thinly bedded sand-shale sequences. - Finely layered anisotropic sands. The fine layering gives rise to transverse


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