In the first three meters of the urban subsoil there are many types of utilities but their actual<br>location is often unknown. Different companies manage the various types of utilities and till now the<br>regulations of many countries do not force them to draw and regularly update the maps of their<br>installations. As a result, the maintenance of the utility net and the utilization of the no dig technology<br>are more and more difficult. 3D GPR investigations are the most effective method to map the utilities<br>but the GPR systems developed till now to perform this type of survey are based on multi-channel<br>solutions with an array of antenna so that the equipment is expensive and difficult to use on small areas<br>(e.g., sidewalk, narrow streets, …) or where it is not possible to stop the human activities (e.g., traffic).<br>To overcome these difficulties, we designed a low-cost and easy-to-use positioning system<br>named PSG (Pad System for Georadar, patent of Politecnico of Milano) to collect a regular grid of<br>GPR data with a single antenna and with the accuracy required to generate 3D migrated images. The<br>prototype testing proves that the system is effective, flexible and quite convenient in many real<br>situations.


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