Oil fields of the Timano-Pechorskaya oil-and-gas province (located in Nenetskiy autonomous national area of Russia) characterized by the complicated geology with sharp facies variations by lateral, steep slopes of the structures, pinch-out zones presence, large number of tectonic faults and non-anticline traps. These result in large number of ambiguousness of the geological and geophysical interpretation and, thereby, bring to difficulties in geological modeling.<br>Acoustic inversion results which are used in seismic interpretation process have some advantages since, firstly, both seismic and well data are used in computations. Also prior geological information can be included that leads to more stable result.<br>In the paper results of the acoustic inversion of the southern part of Inzyreiskoe oilfield are discussed. Single impedance cube was calculated for two target intervals – Middle Devonian terrigenous and Upper Devonian carbonate complexes. For Upper Devonian complex we managed to perform the facial classification and particularly define the high cavernosity and karsting zones. The main results for Middle Devonian complex are improvement in seismic correlation in zones with complicated interference patterns, correction of pinching out lines of sand reservoirs and definition of consolidation zones and shaling outs of reservoirs.


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