The results of a new seismic investigation of producting Sirachoy-Domanic (Upper Devonian) deposits in the Izma depression of Timan-Pechora oil-and-gas province are presented in the report. A detailed facial analysis with extracting prospective reef objects and sheet drapes has been made on the basis of 2D and 3D seismic investigations and wells data. The basis for the facial zoning and reservoir characteristics is: examination of the thickness distribution of Domanic and Sirachoy sediment, analysis of complex seismic attributes, results of the seismic inversion in the form of acoustic impedance sections. Many Domanic reef systems and connected with them hydrocarbon traps have been found on a comparatively small area. The problems of locating exploratory drilling on the oilfields and perspective structures have been solved, the course of high-priority seismic work has been chosen, main problems of seismic investigation of the organogenous objects have been defined.


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