A set of advanced imaging solutions such as a refraction static, LIFT technology for Pre-migration imaging, Pre-STM, Pre-SDM were applied to process the seismic data set from the area OHANET GARA TISSELIT Block 245 South (Ililizi basin) Algeria.<br>A key challenge of this work was to produce high-quality seismic data to improve the description of reservoir heterogeneity by using 3D seismic to guide the interpolation of sparse network consisting just 2 wells to detect subtle stratigraphic and structural features over a range of frequencies with high-resolution and precise imaging in time and depth domain.<br>The special efforts were done to ground-roll and mid-range velocity noise attenuation, de-multiple work, seismic amplitude preserving for subsequent AVO analysis. <br>A detailed delineation of potential reservoirs has been obtained by integration of seismic and log data. Key to successful integration were (1) careful inversion via Neural Network Inversion of the 3D seismic data (2) accurate seismic-to-depth conversion of the inverted impedance cube, (3) reservoir characterization using AVO and (4) coherence cube calculation. The integrated model was used to formulate a set of recommendations for subsequent drilling plan implementation. In particular some subtle anticline structures with relatively high porosity-impedance and high-amplitude fluid-saturation was identified as potential development drilling targets. <br><br>


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