Authenticity of prediction of hydrocarbons deposit, at the searches and exploring of hydrocarbons reservoirs by geophysical methods, relies oninforming of every method in concrete geological condition and is characterized by the factor of definiteness 0<FD<1. Application of complex of geophysical methods allows comprehensively to study the geological structure of perspective objects. Conformity of scales and method of reserches provides plenitude of reliable information about the structure, compositin and state of geological space. On result joint processing and complex analysis of seismic and PM VSP data, high-fidelity and area gravi-and magnetic prospecting, electrical survey and logging the integrated model of deposit is formed. For the sure prediction of geological section (factor of definiteness more than 0,9) it is necessary to have coordination from 4 to 8 independent parameters of different geophysical fields. It provides the successful coefficient of the exploring well drilling within the limits of 0,62 - 0,8.


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