Analyzed are results of applying the Side-View Seismic Location method (SVSL) in combination with other seismic methods to solution of main problems of HC exploration in complicated geological settings of Orenburg region and Kuyumba oil field in East Siberia. Combination of SVSL and other seismic methods (CMP) allows solve such problems as building a structural model, mapping of fractured zones and fluid migration pathways. By way of examples considered is solution of these problems for the south of Cis-Ural through, particularly, for the Akobinsk area featuring a material effect of salt-dome tectonics. The second part of the paper presents results of applying SVSL to mapping the open fracturing of rocks, refining the geological model of Riphean complex of East Siberia (Kuyumba oil field) in combination with the structural seismic (2D CDP), and identification of fractured zones which are promising drilling targets. Proposed is a technique for identifying reefogenic structures in the depth interval of Riphean complex. This allows substantially improve the reliability of geological predictions when selecting optimal drilling sites to achieve maximum oil flow rate in exploratory wells.


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